MTEM Module 1 | Energy Department Tasks and Energy Management Policy - Virtual - February 2022

February 16 - 17, 2022 - TBD

Open to All. Also serves as the first module in acquiring the Master Texas Energy Manager (MTEM) certification.


Are you aware of all the tasks and responsibilities that comprise a successful Energy Management Department? Just missing two or three of these tasks could jeopardize your best-laid plans for energy savings. Does your organization have a well-thought-out Energy Policy that fits your entity and environment? Without a written operating protocol approved by the highest level of administration, there is little chance of success in implementing an Energy Master Plan.

As a first step toward expanding the Energy Master Plan, this class presents what that plan looks like and provides more specific detail for the 16 tasks now included as Energy Management Department responsibilities. We will discuss each of the tasks in detail, creating a checklist needed to accomplish the desired end results. We will also end the class with a hands-on portion that will actually work putting some of what you learned into practice.

In this course you will also learn how to write and implement a successful Energy Policy and what all responsibilities and activities must be addressed to be a successful Energy Manager.

This course is Module 1 of the Master Texas Energy Manager (MTEM) certification. This course, and the subsequent courses built around developing a complete Energy Master Plan, is required for the MTEM certification. A final practicum will assess the individual's knowledge, understanding and competency. By the time an individual completes the full training and passes the practicum, they will have a solid master plan for their organization and acquire the MTEM certification.

MTEM credit for this class is only given to those already holding their ATEM certification.

Lunch will be provided.

See more informaiton in the MTEM Syllabus and Plan Template document.

See the MTEM Certification Rubric document.

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